The FMJ Advantage:

  • Molds to every contour, providing a weather and water tight seal.
  • Thick impact absorbing protection.
  • Unlimited runs, drips or sagging.
  • Fine-grain textured, non-skid surface looks great.
  • Resists most chemicals.
  • Dampens sound and vibration.
  • No lost cargo space.
  • Yes, a FMJ bedliner is repairable.
  • Professionally applied in about 3 hours. (With scheduled appointment)

The FMJ Solution:
FMJ completely seals your bed. No air gaps, no drill holes, no bolts. FMJ, a custom contour fit.

...and, there's no possibility that it will fly out on the freeway like a drop-in.

Over time, water, and dirt will get trapped between your drop-in liner and the truck bed. Paint is slowly sanded away by the vibrating drop-in liner, exposing the metal to rust that eats away your investment. A FMJ spray-on bedliner permanently bonds to your truck bed, completely sealing out water and dirt. No air gaps, no drill holes, no bolts. 
The paint has been sanded away by a vibrating drop-in liner. Rust is extensive.